Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanks, Ana, For My New Blog Design!

I've had his new design for about a month now and love it! Ana, at designed it for me. I just told her what colors I wanted to go with and that I'd like a nice picture at the top with the cats under it. She sent me the sample first so I could view it and let her know if there was anything I wanted changed. She's so nice to work with and very patient with this old, clueless person when it comes to blog designing and HTML codes.

I love the header picture which captures the essence of what this blog is all about and the navigation bar she added which I always wanted but didn't know how to do. Now you can just click on one of those tabs to go right to my other two blogs or see all my customer reviews that are on Amazon, or to read about all my dad's cats.

I also like how she was able to make the two wide columns at the top so I can have my posts start higher up on the page and still have my "Welcome to my Page" and my guest book right up there too where people can actually see it. Hopefully more will sign in now.

When I modified it after it was done with green titles for the posts, she immediately let me know I shouldn't do that because it didn't really look good with the color scheme even though I thought it would make the titles stand out a little more. See, if when she's done, she still is there to offer her expert advice, which, as you can see, I followed.

Paying was conveniently handled through PayPal. If you're looking for a new blog design without a lot of hassle on your part, I highly recommend you contact Ana!


Lin said...

Oh, it looks so nice! I had mine done by Diane (Custom Blog Design) and it was worth every dime! And it wasn't expensive at all! All that HTML and header stuff--so crazy to spend time on it when you have talented people who can do it for you. I like the look!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look! Of course your content is still the best part of your blog :)

Homestay Mama said...

I just noticed that you are following my blog, Amazing Journey, Amazing Grace. Thanks!

The name of your blog is intriguing and I'll be back to check it out at length when I have more time!

Your blog design does look very nice!

The Author said...

She did both of my blogs and I love them. I highly recommend her and you can't go wrong with her designs. She listens to you and works with you to create your dream design.
Yes, your blog looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Lin--Thank you. I feel this was well worth the money too, plus saving me all the work!

Maria--Thanks on both counts!

Homestay Mama--Yes, I really like your blog and am always happy to find other Christians online.

Mountain Woman--Your blogs really look great! Ana is very nice.

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