Sunday, June 18, 2023

I Think of You Every Day!

Even though my dad's been living in his heavenly home for 16 years, I still think of him every day when I see the things he made for me or that I brought in from his home after he died.  I have things he made in every room of our house except the bedroom.  

Living Room and Dining Room

The living room has a tiger needlepoint hanging above our TV that my mom made for me.  My dad made the frame!  Our dining room has the big swan puzzle the we all worked on together one week.  Again, my dad made the frame and mounted it for us.

Computer/Music Room

This room is filled with his handiwork.  First off is the secretary he made for me when I was just a young child.  Pictured below that is a cabinet he made for the church but took back when they didn't need it anymore.  I use it for my printer and it has three shelves inside.  In the middle is a armoire that he made, but which could also contain shelves for things.  We used to have this in our bedroom, but moved it to make room for our dog, Roxy's, bed.  In case you are wonder, no, he did not make the piano; however, he did make the piano bench that opens up so music can be stored inside it.  Finally, he made all the picture frames that are hanging up.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Leave The Weeds Alone!

Just like the dandelions return each year around this time, so this post has returned.  I know some of you are new to this blog since this was first posted and it is one of my more popular posts so I hope you don't mind me using it again.  So far we only have a couple dandelions in our front yard because Gerard put on the Scott's Turf Builder in time this year.  Many other yards on our street are covered with them!  Good job, Gerard!

Today Gerard and I went to the park and stopped at this bench to read for a little bit. I looked around and saw all these dandelions! I remembered how dad always had a yard full of them and whenever we would mention it, dad would say, "I like them, they're so pretty! Just because someone calls it a weed doesn't mean they're not pretty." I think he had a point there. What do you think? Gerard says they still look like weeds to him.

(re-posted from 4/25/09)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Favorite Thanksgiving - Miss you, Mom!

My Mom
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Treasure this time with your loved ones!  This is about my mom's last Thanksgiving with us--one of my favorite memories!

Cooking Thanksgiving Day Dinner 
(November 25, 1999)

My mom had been quite ill that month. She was in and out of the hospital but was having a good day. We all knew it meant a lot to her to have a nice Thanksgiving so my dad, me and Gerard (my husband) all decided to pitch in and make it a good day. Mom had made Waldorf salad and the turkey roll was in the oven when Gerard and I arrived. (I thought about bringing the camcorder, but didn’t because I knew mom wouldn’t want me to take her picture. She was always camera shy, especially when she didn‘t think she looked good enough. This was the last time Harry‘s oven was used--as an oven, that is.)

Mom supervised the dinner preparations from her favorite comfortable chair in the living room, telling dad and me what to do next. (I am deficient in cooking unless it’s heating up frozen dinners.) We were going to put the stuffing in the oven next to the turkey roll and the rolls on top, but dad had the cookie sheet with the turkey roll turned the wrong way so he had to spin it around. Then the lid on the stuffing was too high, so dad had to make the rack lower. Mom’s wondering what’s going on because I am laughing by now. Instead of taking the turkey out, dad tried doing it leaving it in and just lifting the rack. The turkey started sliding into the oven! Gerard was back from CVS by then, so he was laughing too. I caught it with the potholders in time before it fell into the oven. Dinner was good.

Mom was feeling good and seemed back to normal like before she went to the hospital, recovering nicely. She ate good too. It was a nice Thanksgiving and, as it turned out, was a very good last memory of our time with mom. I really wish I had brought my camcorder that day!

(Excerpt from the book I wrote:  "My Funny Dad, Harry," pg. 34.)  I shared this in response to Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompt to write about a favorite Thanksgiving memory.  

Reposted--Originally posted 11/24/11.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Funny Start To My Wedding Day--18 Years Ago!

We were getting my dress loaded into the car to go to church on my wedding.  I was going to get dressed at the church.  Simple, right?

Well, we got everything packed up and then

dad couldn't find his keys to the car!  Can you figure out what happened to them from these pictures?
If you guessed he had them in his other jacket, you are right.  Fortunately, it did not take him long to find them, but it was kind of funny.

He did not wear a tux to my wedding but his suit.  He looked very nice and I was fine with that.   We are not a family who likes dressing up.  For a long time the joke was that I would probably get married in jeans.  But no, I surprised people and actually found a dress I really liked.  It was perfect for me.  Very traditional and classic, just my style.

Even my dad is smiling before walking me down the aisle! 
After the ceremony, we went to take pictures at Stan Hewitt Gardens in Akron, Ohio.  Then I finally lost the veil and put on my Indians cap.  Gerard had a Patriots hat.  What a pair we are!  We believe we were meant for each other.  Today is our 18th wedding anniversary--time flies.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bubble Fun in 1956

1956 Making Bubbles at Grandma's
I was daddy's little girl.  I loved to to my grandma's house (his mom's) and in this picture, we are in her backyard.  My dad is making bubbles and I am trying to catch them.  He loved spending time with me.  Back then, he had a good full head of black hair.

Do you enjoy spending time playing with your little ones? 

"My Funny Dad, Harry" Book Giveaway

Congratulations to all the winners of the giveaway for "My Funny Dad, Harry" at Red Pine Mountain. I am so happy that four of my regular commenters won! Read what Tim thought of it at Everyday Living.