Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comparison Between "Growing Up Colt"--A Father's Love and "My Funny Dad, Harry"

I recently finished reading Growing Up Colt by Colt McCoy (the Cleveland Browns QB) and Brad McCoy (Colt's dad). As I read it, I couldn't keep from thinking about how it was for me writing My Funny Dad, Harry. His book shows a love and strong bond between a father and son while mine shows the love and strong bond between a father and daughter. Although his is more about his childhood and the life lessons he learned from his dad, mine is focused more on the the funny things my dad did and how we grew closer as I grew up.

I'm sure writing Growing Up Colt was a fun project for Colt and his dad. Both books give examples of people demonstrating Christian character and both point people to Jesus at the end. Both are personal and written from the heart in simple language that makes for a quick read. Colt mentioned in his book that his grandma told him if he didn't point people to Jesus in the book, it wasn't worth writing it. I remembered how I felt like that as well when writing My Funny Dad, Harry. Neither book is preachy at all; however, both share how faith played a part in our lives. I included an Appendix with scripture references* at the end that a person seeking peace with God could read and find that peace through a personal relationship with Jesus.  Colt summarized how a person can have a personal relationship with God at the end of his book too.  

My Funny Dad, Harry is about my dad's fight for independence as he aged and how I supported him. Growing Up Colt is about parenting and how parents can help their children. Both are about loving, Christian families and are upbeat and touching.

I encourage you to read both these books! Here is the link to my review of Growing Up Colt over at our book blog, Grab A Book From Our Stack. Go Browns and I hope you have a great season, Colt!

*In hindsight, if I could do it over, I would write out the scripture instead of just providing the references.

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