Sunday, June 18, 2023

I Think of You Every Day!

Even though my dad's been living in his heavenly home for 16 years, I still think of him every day when I see the things he made for me or that I brought in from his home after he died.  I have things he made in every room of our house except the bedroom.  

Living Room and Dining Room

The living room has a tiger needlepoint hanging above our TV that my mom made for me.  My dad made the frame!  Our dining room has the big swan puzzle the we all worked on together one week.  Again, my dad made the frame and mounted it for us.

Computer/Music Room

This room is filled with his handiwork.  First off is the secretary he made for me when I was just a young child.  Pictured below that is a cabinet he made for the church but took back when they didn't need it anymore.  I use it for my printer and it has three shelves inside.  In the middle is a armoire that he made, but which could also contain shelves for things.  We used to have this in our bedroom, but moved it to make room for our dog, Roxy's, bed.  In case you are wonder, no, he did not make the piano; however, he did make the piano bench that opens up so music can be stored inside it.  Finally, he made all the picture frames that are hanging up.


The clock has a baseball player on it because I liked baseball.  The Barrister bookcases are wonderful because each shelf is and individual shelf so can be stacked with5, 4, 3 or 2.  It also makes them easy to move around if needed.  The desk, although he did not make it, still reminds me of him because he advised me to buy it used and took me to purchase it.  Then he also assembled for me.  The one sidebar can be detached.


In the basement, we have shelves (top picture:  the game shelves separate like the Barrister bookcases; the bottom set can be separated too, but sideways instead--6 sections with 2 shelves each), chalkboard, orange door for storage area, green TV stand, table hockey game, 6 drawers for small storage and a tall book shelf all made by my dad.

The Rest of the Rooms

In our main bathroom is a full length mirror he hung on the door.  In the upstairs cat room is a desk he made and a chair that converts into a step ladder!  I think he bought the chair for me.  The kitchen door with the plexiglass is so we can keep our pets upstairs and not chance them running out the side door when we come in our out.  He even made little chairs for some of our stuffed animals to sit on!  He loved woodworking!  Finally, the only thing in the bedroom we have of his is the phone he used.  It's nice because numbers can be programmed into it for fast dialing.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's.  You are very important to your children so create good memories with them while you can.  It's comforting to me to have so many things that my dad made or that he used.  

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