Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Shabby Chic Day!

When I saw this I just had to write about my dad's cats decorating skills. He had a total of 6 cats inside at one point. The cats liked going under his couch and reaching up to claw the edge at the bottom of it. It was a white couch covered with black furs!  He had a white chair to match which the cats loved to claw up the arms. This was one reason my mom never allowed cats in the house.  They weren't allowed in until after she died.

Sweet Thing by scratching post watching Softie Playing

Sweet Thing was the most talented decorator of all his cats. He actually clawed up the rug by the living room door and my dad put a board over it to get him to stop. Sweet Thing and Softie both liked to play and in this picture, Sweet Thing is watching Softie play from his scratching post that they pretty much tore apart! My dad made it himself for them with just some old leftover carpeting and some wood.  Sorry I don't have pictures of their work.

On the other hand, Spunky Doodle was just a little kitten (a/k/a Spunky Rooy) when I brought her into our home but knew if she lived with me, I had to get her front paws declawed too.  She was born to a stray at my dad's and was the last kitten of the litter left to find a home.    I felt so bad doing it, but she forgave me!  When she was a kitten, she tore my curtains.  Here is some of her cute decorating work:
Oooh, this is so much fun!

Spunky "Rooy" messed up the den.  She did pull the toilet paper out too but I cleaned that up right away.

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Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Thanks for joining in. It sounds like yoo have known some very talented cats wiv a real flair for interior design!

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