Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Story of Love (Writer's Workshop)

My Funny Dad, Harry is about love--my love for my dad, his love for me and our family, and ways God’ showed His love for me. My dad was called home to be with our Lord February 16, 2007. I found him dead on the floor of his bathroom with his head against the tub when I stopped by to visit him before work.

At first, I didn’t realize he was dead but couldn’t wake him and called 911. He was a very loving family man, a great dad who was always there for me and I felt so sad that he was gone but happy that he didn’t suffer long and was able to live independently and die in his own home like he wanted. I just wish he didn’t die alone.

I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t sleep through the nights. There was so many things that needed to be done and I am the type person that likes to get everything on my “To Do List” done each day. That just wasn’t going to happen for a very long time. Many wonderful memories came to me during the nights following his death and I got the idea to write a book in his memory because he was such a wonderful father. I knew there were a lot of books written about abuse, domestic violence and sad tales and thought perhaps the world would like to read about a happy family for a change. After all, “Marley & Me” was a big hit and that was about a funny dog.

I began writing “My Funny Dad, Harry” and remember feeling like it was something God wanted me to do. It was fun writing and although I had no idea how to get a book published, I just trusted God to lead me—he did. One Sunday there was a big snowstorm and church was canceled. I went on the computer to see if I could find out how to publish a book, was going to go on an author’s website where I thought I might find some advice and instead up came Outskirts Press, a self-publishing company in Colorado. To this day I cannot explain how it came up. I never heard of it before but there it was with several packages to choose from and an offer of a representative to walk me through every step of the way. I started writing my book the end of February 2007 and it was published October of 2007.

I still miss my dad very much but know I’ll see him again and hopefully because of this book, others will get to meet him too. I included God’s plan of salvation in an appendix.

This is in response to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt: A Story of Love.

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(“My Funny Dad, Harry” is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.)


Caroline Ross said...

I'm so impressed you got your book published. what a true testament of love! I'm glad you share the gospel in your book too. I will have to look to see if I can find that book next time I go to the store.

The Mommy Mambo said...

WOW! Published! Every bloggers dream I suppose. Good for you!

Jenna said...

Im glad to have stopped by on the mamakat linkup, and loved hearing your story!

Kim said...

I'm glad that you got to tell the story about your dad.

And you're right, there are too many books out there that tell about dysfunctional families and abuse and other sad things.

Screaming Sardine said...

What a wonderful testament to your dad to write a book about him. Good for you for thinking about it, dreaming about it, and then actually doing it!!


Lucky Lady said...

I would suggest if you have not you should read the book, I loved it could not stop until it was finished and I am not a reader, there are days now I think of Harry and wish I could have known him other then just from the book and I hope he knew what a great daughter he had

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Caroline: You can get an e-book of it at if you wish. Book stores don't generally carry it but they could order it for you. The ISBN no. is 978-1-4327-1417-8

Mommy Mambo: I actually wrote the book and was published before I started blogging.

Jenna: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked my story!

June: Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! Nice to know someone agrees with me.

Prairie Patch: It really felt good to go through that whole process. It was quite a project. The hardest part about writing it was deciding what to put in and what to leave out.

Lucky Lady: Thanks for your words of encouragement for others to read the book too. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much! I know he loved me very much and often told me he wouldn't know he'd do without me.

Jenners said...

I think it is true testament of your love that you did this for your dad. Having lost both my mom and my dad in the last 18 months, I realize how comforting it is to write about them..

Kristi said...

What a awesome tribute to your dad! My dad's name is Harry also...and he's funny! :) I did send my list "10 things my mom taught me" to my mom. I know if my children ever said those things about me I'd want to read it.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Now I got a chance to visit you.
Conratulations on the book!

Crystal said...

That's quite impressive...but when you follow GOd's lead...He does impressive things!! I agree, we need to hear more about happy families, great fathers, and loving the Lord! THOSE are the stories that we all need to be reading and supporting. Thanx for sending me your link!!

Patrice said...

What a beautiful relationship!

Lin said...

That is so sad how you found your dad, Karen. But I like how you took your sadness and turned it into a beautiful book! I'll bet it helped to heal the pain from losing him too.

Karen and Gerard said...

Jenners: That is so sad to lose both your parents in such a short time! My heart goes out to you with my sincere condolences. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment here.

Kristi: Glad you have a funny dad too! That's good you showed your mom the list of things she taught you; I'm sure it made her feel proud. I wrote a thank-you to my parents while they were alive that they treasured and saved. It really meant a lot to them.

Crystal: Glad you enjoyed my post about my book. Thanks for taking time to comment and for the support!

Patrice: We did have a very good relationship. I was actually even closer to my mom!

Lin: Thanks for your comment. Writing the book really did help me deal with the pain. It was fun actually writing about the funny things he did.

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