Friday, January 16, 2009

Tashabud Got It For Christmas and Reviewed It On Her Blog!

Tashabud, at Tasha's Take got "My Funny Dad, Harry" as a Christmas present from her sister-in-law. In her post, she wrote the following review of my book which she gave me permission to post here:

The book touches on Karen’s life with her mother and her foster siblings, but mainly it talks about her father, his many cats, and his funny peculiarities, which, at times, frustrated Karen. If you’re looking for a G-Rated, wholesome kind of reading material that touches the heart and so close to home, this book is for you. You’ll not read any cuss words or sexual innuendos, either. I like this book for these reasons and because it deals with a real life story that happens to be the life of one of my blog friends. If your interest is more into big action, drama, sex, and explosive fireworks then this is definitely not for you. You’d be disappointed.

Thanks, Tashabud, for taking the time to write this nice review about my book and posting it. I'm glad you liked it!

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Anne said...

Writing a book about your dad is such a lovely idea. I have thought about doing it myself, but haven't had the dedication.

Jude said...

I'm glad you had a good review for your book. I actually never had a great Father relationship so I can't really comprehend. As far as I'm concerned with the years my Father was alive until I was 7 and a half I have no fond memories. My Mother was the most important in my life and she died 6 months before him. Glad you have so many great memories.

tashabud said...

Hi Karen,
Yes, I sure enjoyed reading your book. Like I said in my commentary about your book, it's wholesome and just plain good reading material that a reader can enjoy. I think your Dad was a tad stubborn, huh? I could see why you got frustrated with him a few times. I chuckled, reading about your Dad's odd ways of doing things. I don't think many people do it the same way he does. I wish I can get motivated to follow his organizational methods, though. I surely could use something like that.

Have a great weekend,

jenaisle said...

That's a great review by our good friend Tasha. Makes me want to read the book now. Happy blogging.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Just wanted you to know that I was on your other blog, Karen & Gerard Zemek, and watched your video about dressing for the extreme cold. I cannot leave a comment over there. It just won't open up the comment form at all.

Loved the video. It makes me happy that I don't live in that kind of cold. Okay, it would be 85 degrees year round and I would be happy.

Hae a terrific day. :)

Sue said...

I tried to comment on the "bundling up" post too, on your other blog & was unable to too.

I'm glad you got a good review of your book. That's nice.


It sounds like a fun read and your dad and his cats reminds me of my papa and his cats. He fed everyone in the neighborhood. So lucky you had such a great relationship with your father.

GAGAY said...

Dropping by to say hi..happy Tuesday!


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