Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harry Would Have Liked This One--Daisy The Curly Cat!

Writer's Workshop: Pay Tribute to Your Favorite Blogger

My dad always read the comics first in the paper and whenever he found one he thought was especially funny or applied to something in our lives, he'd point it out to me to read. I know he'd tell you to be sure to read "Daisy, the Curly Cat's blog.

If my dad was still alive, he would enjoy the Daisy, The Curly Cat done by a cat who makes up comics, riddles, puzzles and models clothes. Although my dad would probably have thought dressing up your cat is silly, I think he'd be reading Daisy's blog every day just like my husband and I do since he loved cats and humor. Daisy also has a brother cat, Harley, who is learning things from Daisy and is also in the comics and dresses up.

Daisy's blog was nominated for the best pet blog, but didn't win so one of her blogging buddies Skeezix the Cat, made the above award for her and said others could display it on their blogs too so that is why it's here. If you haven't visited Daisy's blog yet, please do. It's great! Her mom is a very talented lady who combines photography with funny dialog.

Let me know what you think of Daisy the Cat in the comments. Are you one of her fans too?


tahtimbo said...

Hi, I visit Daisy everyday and I have no idea how Daisy's mom get her to sit still for those pictures. If I tried that with Koko, I would be in need of a blood transfusion. Oh, thanks for stopping by and thank you for wanting to include information on my post in your next article. Have a great day:) Now, let me see if I can get this hat on koko...

tashabud said...

Hi Karen,
I'm going to visit the two blogs now.


Keisha said...

Daisy is awesome. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I like your Dad! All your stories about him are so precious! : ) I have never seen the comic before. Cats are funny!

junebug said...

It takes me hours to get my dogs to sit for two seconds. Thanks for the tip on the cute blog.

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