Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Early Posts in Review From 2008

I hope you take a little time to look at some of these you missed because I think they are some of my best posts of 2008. I encourage you to click on any of the tags under the posts to bring up other related posts for that topic or check my archives. Also, the search box works very well at the top of my blog if there's a particular topic you are looking for. I just started this blog in April of 2008 and so I realize many of you would have missed out on these so I thought I'd do a little summary here listing what I think may be of interest to my current readers:

Heartwarming, Emotional, Humorous
This is one of my first posts of one of my earliest book reviews.

Foreword of "My Funny Dad, Harry"
I posted this to share about why I wrote this book.

The Jeep and Our Dog, Brownie
This is my favorite post of all--you must see this one! It shows what fun we had as kids and the best jeep ever! No motor, just simple fun. Also the neighborhood kids enjoyed it with us.

Bio of Harrington Arlettaz, My Funny Dad
I wrote this because one of my readers mentioned they would have liked to have had more background on my dad so here it is!

Harry's Tips to Make Things Easier For Himself
This lists some of the problems my dad encountered as he aged which I suppose many others have as well. I thought it may be helpful.

Things Dad Made For Us Kids
I post this because I want to encourage dads (and moms) to make things for your kids. Believe, me, those are the things I remember most and still appreciate to this day!

Kitten Krazy Uses Many of Harry's Things
This is the first post that I got a comment on so I include it in this list.

Cat Sanctuary Where Cats Rule
Cats were a huge part of my dad' life so I know he would have liked this place a lot! It's an entire house just for cats. The only ones in cages are those needed medical attention. Most share a room with other cats and they have people coming in every day to pet them and play with them.

Giraffe Note Holder
This was a popular post with 7 comments. It is something anyone who has a computer could use but was only up for a couple days before my next post, so perhaps didn't get as many views as most of my others so am including it here.

My Wedding Day
This is one of the few pictures I have of me with my dad and it was a big day for both of us so am including it here.

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"My Funny Dad, Harry" Book Giveaway

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