Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Made the Right Choice!

Today the sky is such a pretty blue. I'm so glad I picked the sky blue for my book cover because I wanted something cheerful and thought that if it was sky blue, I'd think of my dad everytime we had a pretty blue sky which is exactly what happens! At first I picked a dark green to match his suspenders, but I'm so glad I changed it to the pretty blue.

Be sure to let your father know who much you appreciate him while you still can and have a Happy Father's Day!
("My Funny Dad, Harry" is available through and Amazon or Barnes Noble)


Jenaisle said...

Blue is a color of peace, calmness and hope. You choose the right color. Short but meaningful post.

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Thanks Jenaisle! I appreciate your comment. When I was blog hopping, I came across some that gave advice to bloggers and said we should keep our posts short, so I'm working on that. I did good this time, didn't I?

"My Funny Dad, Harry" Book Giveaway

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