Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Are Cat People?

This is a video about an amazing cat sanctuary I wish I had known about when I was trying to find homes for my dad's three cats after he died. Two of them had FIV (Feline aids) and the other was a small thing with parasites. They were all nice cats, the two males just didn't get along and neither were neutered. Judie and her husband are real cat people. They used their retirement savings to get this no-kill cat sanctuary going and it costs $15,000 a month to keep it running. They've been going for eight years now!

My dad would have loved to volunteer at a place like this and I'm sure if he had known about it, would have been sending them money to help support it. That is why I send a monthly donation. I felt so bad I couldn't save his cats, but by supporting this sanctuary, I am able to have a small part at saving others. Perhaps you could help too?

Because my dad had such a soft spot for cats, I included some stories about them in the book I wrote in memory of my dad, My Funny Dad, Harry.  He was by no means the perfect cat owner, but he did love them very, very much and always let them rule in his house--scratching up anything they wanted and napping anywhere they wished.  They loved him very much too!

To find out more about my book and why I wrote it, read the Foreword here.

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Cat-toure Cat Clothes said...
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Cat-toure Cat Clothes said...

Praise to Judie. This is great!

Emily said...

When things were good for my husband I we opened The Nine Lives Feline Foundation where we make grants to worthy cat charities. I will tell him about this one.

That's great what you do to honor your dad.

Serene said...

I'm a cat person, too, but my partner is allergic, so we don't have any.

Kirby3131 said...

What a lovely post. I watched the video, too. What beautiful people :) My cat is snuggled into my side, very happy to be near me lol

I had an FIV cat and I cared for her until the day she died in my arms. I had never heard of Feline Aids before my kitty had it. (it was the early 90s when she was diagnosed.)

Kristin - The Goat
by way of Saturday Sampling

Anonymous said...

Is it true, that when 1 wife wants to have twin cats, that there is something seriously wrong in the marriage. The thoughts behind bringing 2 cats into the relationship, was to be used as a reflection of Therapy.
The aim of the game.
1 must make sure 1 cat doesn't get more food than the other! LOL!
1 must keep your cat free of worms and parasites.
1 will win come the end of the working week, when each cats state of oral health is closely examined.
As a consequence.
Bundles of affection to 1s cat BUT! neglecting the partner.
Just out of interest, where did Father harry get the names for his cats? LOL!

Mrs4444 said...

This is really cool. I wish, too, that your dad had known about it. That's why it's nice that you posted about it; it'll help get the word out. Thanks for linking up :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Emily: Thanks Emily! I'm sure Judie would greatly appreciate any help you could give them.

Serene: I'm glad I'm not allergic to them! Maybe you should reconsider that partner. . . just kidding.

Kirby: Thanks for taking time to actually watch the video! I love when my cats snuggle against me. FIV cats seem perfectly normal, at least my dad's did. They can live long lives but is best if they are the only cat, or like at the sanctuary, separated with other FIV ones.

Anonymous: Harry used to call them all "Kitty" but I named them all according to their appearance or personality as I saw fit. It's not easy coming up with good cat names!

Mrs. 4444: Thanks for providing the Sampling Saturday Linky!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love when people dedicate themselves to animal sanctuaries... being an animal lover, I'd LOVE to have one for dogs myself... though with having 4 dogs, my husband thinks we're already on our way! :)

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