Thursday, August 12, 2010

It May Be Grubby But It Saves Time!

As my dad aged and got up into his 80s, he became very slow about doing things. Getting dressed would take him at least an hour if not more! It takes me just 10 minutes and that includes the time I take deciding what to wear. His solution for this was to just sleep in his clothes and wear the same clothes all week. I was actually doing well if I got him to change his clothes after just a week!

I understood why he did this, but I thought it was grubby. When I did camp counseling at Beulah Beach, one of the things we were told to do as counselors was to make sure the campers changed their clothes each day. It's so true that the elderly become like kids again in so many ways.

I come home and remove my bra when I change into my shorts and t-shirt and then don't even bother changing for bed. Just jump right on top of the covers still dressed and go to sleep. I do change in the morning into fresh clothes at least!

Do you ever sleep in your clothes . . . and wear them the next day? Do you have any time saving tips?

Inspiration for this post came from One Hat, Two Hat, Wife Hat, Mom Hat--Not Mom of the Year. Check out the post, it's pretty funny.

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Petula said...

If I'm running late to take the kids somewhere I will jump up in my lounging clothes (if I'm wearing any. LOL) and take them to school or the sitter then I'll come back and get some things done before I shower and dress. Sometimes by the time I do that the day is gone and it's time to pick them up, but at least I'm showered. When I get back I take those clothes off and put on lounge clothes again!

Prasetyo said...

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