Thursday, August 21, 2008

Even Junk Mail Has a Purpose

Harry was very much the pack rat. He saved everything, even junk mail! Yes, he found a use for it too. I don't remember him saving it when we were young although he may have and I just did know it. When he got to be a senior citizen, he got some of those big clips from the office supply store and tore his junk mail in thirds or halves depending on the size and used the back as scratch paper. He would clip a pile together and have a nice little scratch pad. (No wonder he ran out of time in his day doing all these necessary things!) I thought it was pretty smart of him actually since he used it for writing down what he ate every day. Little did I realize how many he had until after he died and I was cleaning out his house. When I opened up the back room closet, he had a whole big supply hanging on the door!



Unknown said...

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Thanks for choosing this blog for the award, but I've already been awarded this Art y award. If you scroll down farther, it's on my sidebar.

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