Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thanks to The Snipping Tool, I Have More Coming Here!

After not posting on this blog since 2013 because I ran out of things to write, I finally discovered a way of capturing photos from the DVD I had made from some video that I had taken with my camcorder.  If you can excuse the quality of the pics, I am sure you will enjoy these new upcoming posts.

I found I can view the DVD clips on the computer, pause it when I get to a spot that I'd like a picture of and then minimize the screen and use the snipping tool to capture it and save it to my picture folder.  I am so glad I can do this to include some more memories on this blog before I use blog 2 print (or something similar) to make this into a book.

This is a sample of one I just captured from video.  This is in my dad's basement on Christmas day of 2003.  One of his indoor cats, Striper, preferred living in the basement.  This is a picture of him peeking at us from the laundry chute.  I brought him his Christmas present, a plastic ring with a ping pong ball in a groove around the edge with cardboard in the middle for scratching.  Striper loved it and my dad and I really had fun watching this cat play with it.

My dad had everything he needed but always seemed to like it when I'd buy things for his cats. 

Where is the most unusual place your cat likes to spend time in?


Mrs4444 said...

I love the snipping tool! :) I'm happy that you have your dvds, too. I dropped all of our videos off recently to be made into mp4 files on a flashdrive I bought. I look forward to sharing some of those!

Karen, author of MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY said...

That's cool you are having your videos switched over too. Watching my DVD of dad keeps him alive for me! I love still being able to hear his voice. Of course, the older ones I had transferred from movie film don't have sound.

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