Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jail Break!

Do you know what this is?  It's a homemade cat carrier the my dad made to take his sick cat, Timi, to the vet.  I think it looks like a jail but my dad wanted his cat to be able to see his surroundings.  The top was on hinges and could be lifted up to drop the cat inside and the door could open to let the cat out.  Timi was not feeling well, he just laid in one spot all day for a couple days in a row and wouldn't eat.

Dad was not a believer in regular vet care so the trip to the vet was very, very scary for poor Timi.  When I went to get the carrier out of the back seat, I set it on the ground to close the door and when I turned to pick it up, Timi was gone!  He had busted some of the dowels out and ran, leaped up over a 5-foot fence and we never saw him again.  I ran to follow him but he was really fast!  We walked up and down the street looking for him and asking people if they'd seen him but we couldn't find him anywhere. 

Maybe Timi wasn't as sick as we thought after all or else he really was and wanted to go out on his own terms, being free and saving my dad some money.  We didn't ever use that cat carrier again! 

What kind of cat carriers do you use?  Did you ever lose a cat?


Cathy Kennedy said...

We don't have a cat anymore. We had to part with her years ago because of my allergies. She hated to go anywhere in the car, especially to the vet. It seems like I just had to hold her to keep her calm. Thanks for stopping by this morning! ;)

Karen, author of MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY said...

Dad's cats weren't used to being held though either. I got my Manny Boy from a friend who had allergies and then got pregnant and had to give up her cat because she couldn't take her allergy medicine while pregnant. Sorry you have allergies and had to part with your cat.

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