Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kitten Krazy Makes Good Use of Dad's Work

(Bench made by dad)

Sven and Wendy (President of Kitten Krazy at her home in Medina, Ohio)

When my dad died, I donated a lot of his things to Kitten Krazy, a non-profit private organization that primarily does kitten adoptions. Many his things I donated to their auction to help them raise money to remodel their shelter and take care of the cats. Some of the things donated are now being used in the shelter. Today was the first time we got to visit and see the place first-hand. My initial impression was that these are very happy cats (I'm surprised any of them would want to leave!) There are many that are free to roam around in the office/medical area. Another amazing thing to me was that they didn't knock over all the stuff on the counter. I know my Spunky would and my dad's cats would have too, I think. It's a very happy, friendly busy place! There's another room which is for visiting with the cats and then a chicken wire dog run attached to the back of the building where the cats get get the feeling of outdoors with lots of things to climb on or lay under. My dad would have liked this place very much and would be so happy to know many of his things are being used there. In his words I know he would say, "Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful"!

Dad's file cabinet and Dad's cabinet

Shelves made by dad


Ratty said...

I know from experience that it's always good to see that someone can get good use out of a parent's things after they're gone. I always figured that it's more people that remember them.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Yes, I think that's true.

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