Saturday, April 13, 2013

How It Feels To Be An Author

The day I got my author copies in the mail
I never expected to be an author and only self-published this one book that I wrote in memory of my dad shortly after the Lord called him home.  Here's what I thought about this experience:

Easiest Thing: Writing the book.

Scariest Thing: To me, the scariest thing about writing a book is waiting to hear what others think of it.  I figured the people who knew me or my dad would enjoy it, but I wasn't so sure about people who didn't know us personally.  I just want to say thanks to all the readers who posted good reviews on Amazon for "My Funny Dad, Harry."

Hardest Thing: Marketing the book--making sales.  I thought my book would be a best seller just because it is so easy to relate to and my dad is so likeable.  Wrong!  I soon realized that generally it takes a reputation as an established author to get an agent and get the promotion necessary for it to see that much popularity.   

Most Satisfying Thing: The fact that I actually wrote a book in my dad's memory and got it published.  It was therapeutic for me to write my memories and share my dad with the world.  I think people could learn a thing or two from him.

Most Fun Thing: It always gives me a lift to read a new review and discover that someone else actually liked my book. Hearing about the parts different ones especially found funny, touching, or interesting makes me feel good that I wrote it. If you read it and like it, please take a little time and post a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble to let me know.

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