Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Biggest “What If” Worry

My dad’s biggest worry was what would happen to his cats if they outlived him. Part of the reason my dad didn’t take his cats for regular vet care was that he was actually hoping they wouldn’t outlive him. I reassured him that I would take care of them for him, and did for three months; but then when I decided to sell his house, I had to get the cats out.

At the time, we already had two cats--Moe (14 years old) and Spunky Doodle (3 years old). His two male cats were not neutered but the female must have been spayed; however, the males had HIV and the female had parasites. They all had their claws whereas; my two both had their front paws declawed. I looked for someone to take them but couldn’t find anyone and ended up having to have them put down. It was heartbreaking for me and I felt I let my dad down. I just didn’t have any choice. I didn’t know about the cat sanctuaries around.

Now, my biggest fear is for the welfare of our pets if something happened to both Gerard and me. We don’t have children. Who would even know something happened to us and that they were in there all alone?

What’s your biggest worry?

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Mike Golch said...

we were worried about that as well so whenit was Harvey's time to go to the rainbow bridge we decided that we would not have any more babies.with our health issues it's better that we donot add any new cats.

Lucky Lady said...

I worry about that also and I tell everyone if I go first have Baby put to sleep, cremated and put with me because he is mine and does not care much for anyone else am I wrong in saying this, I just don't want him to be alone

Lin said...

Oh, that is so sad! My mom and I have an agreement that we will take each others cats so they will not be put down.

I think you can make arrangements for your animals in your will. I would suggest finding a good no-kill shelter that can help you should something happen to you and Gerard. Better yet--leave them your estate and watch people fight over who will get to get to take care of them! ;)

Real Life Reslers said...

I asked one of my animal loving friends to take care of my animals should I die. I threatened that I would haunt her if she didn't. LoL. Too bad she doesn't believe in ghosts.

Joyce Lansky said...

If my husband and I died, our kids would get into a terrible fight over who gets possession of our dogs. They love these animals as much as we do and have even asked it they can take them to college. Do you have a neighborhood kid or relatives who is attached to your dog?


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