Monday, March 7, 2011

Please, Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff!

Harry's dining room table after mom died.
My dad used to always keep a stack of stuff on the dining room table by his place and didn’t want anyone touching it or moving it anywhere else. This was one of the things that used to upset my mom. My dad had a lot of stuff in the basement, in the back room, and in the garage. It looked like a big mess with a lot of clutter everywhere, yet, he knew where everything was.  He liked things handy. I’m like him in this respect.

I generally have a place for all my things and know where they are. That is until my husband moves something without telling me which really irritates me. I like knowing where everything is! Why can’t he leave my things alone? He likes moving his stuff around all the time from one place to another. An example is his book holder that sits on a desk or table (one of the many things Harry made). I think it’s funny that he can’t pick one place and just leave it there. I have no problem when he rearranges his things or even the furniture in the basement that we consider to be his man cave, but he needs to leave my things alone, don’t you agree?

This morning I found my evening pill bottle moved to a different shelf. Now I have it placed exactly where I need it to be so I remember to take it in the evening every other day. My morning pills are on the far left side and my evening pill on the far right.

I read somewhere that it’s good to change things around to help prevent Alzheimer’s from setting in. I’m afraid I am headed for it but since my dad didn’t have it and I take after him, I’m hoping I don’t get it either. Maybe my husband is trying to challenge my mind more.

What about you? Are you particular about your things? Who are you more like—me and my dad or my husband who likes to change things around? Does it make you nuts when people move your things?

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Mike Golch said...

I don't like having my stuff moved as well.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

When I was a kid, I was very particular abut my stuff. We were a large family and us kids were a little territorial. But as I age, 8'm less fussy about it.

Karen and Gerard said...

Mike: I wouldn't think anyone would like it.

Rebecca: Interesting. I would think it would be just the opposite. Guess you chill out more with age, huh?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I forget where things are. I might not notice that they have been moved.

kisatrtle said...

I can't find anything in this house and I'm pretty sure it's mostly my fault.

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