Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Memorable Neighbor Who Scared Us Away (Writer's Workshop)

Growing up, we had a crabby couple on one side of us and my best friend on the other side. There were four of us kids and for some reason, the crabby couple next door didn’t like us. To this day, I really don’t know why. They were both heavyset with gray hair and frowns all the time, but they took great pride in keeping their yard looking nice. They didn’t want anyone walking on their grass so when our ball would accidentally bounce into their backyard, I guess they expected us to just leave it. Well, we walked on their grass to get it but went as quickly as we could. It’s not like we ran all over their yard.

Whenever they found candy wrappers in their yard, they always blamed us even though we never littered like that. Yes, we walked to the corner store often and bought candy and ice cream, but we never threw wrappers on the ground. They would complain to the elderly man across the street about us but his response was to be glad he had a nice family living next to him.

When my mom told me we were going to move, I blew my stack. After all, my best friend lived right next door! This was the only time I really was angry at my parents. I think I was a junior in high school at the time and didn’t understand why my parents would let the crabby neighbors chase us out of our home. My mom explained she saw the man with a rifle in his driveway and was afraid he might shoot one of us or my dad when he came home late from working third shift.

Both my parents had a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and so I didn’t understand why they couldn’t trust God to protect us or work things out by having the crabby people move. It didn’t seem to me like they were exercising much faith by moving. We moved, but not far. It was only about a 20 min. walk away and at the time, I could make it in just about 5 minutes if I ran. The crabby neighbors also moved away about a year or so after we did.

What would it take for you to move? Was there a time when you got angry at your parents? Did you ever have a crabblepuss for a neighbor?

This is in response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompts: "A Memorable Neighbor" and "What Would It Take For You To Move?"

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Georgia Girls said...

Wow...well, your mother must have felt enough danger eminating from Mr Grumpy Guss. Too bad he didn't move first.
I should post sometime about our neighbor who stole some of our dirt. The little weasel. :)

From Mama Kats

The syders said...

I have moved house before for the exact same reason your parents did. Our crabby neighbours made our lives hell complaining day in & day out. In the end the even complain because we parked our car on our own drive. People like that can really make life miserable.

Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog x

Lin said...

I could move in an instant! Our neighbors are jerks--all of them. The ones surrounding our house don't speak to anyone in the 'hood, so it is definitely not us.

We have a horribly mean old man across the street. I actually have a "Mean Old Man" song that I sing when I see him. I also cracked up with our 20 plus inches of snow--he had a snowdrift 5 feet high by his side door that prevented him from getting out!! Hee! Hee! He has alienated himself from everyone as well and nobody likes him anymore.

Mike Golch said...

we had a gouch like that as well.

magiceye said...

thankfully we've never had to move due to bad neighbours...
our move was due to the refurbishing of our old apartment

Tonya said...

Oh wow! If your parents thought that the neighbors were crazy enough to pull a gun on someone, it probably was the right choice! :-) But I know it was hard for you to move during your junior year!

We move all the time, but only because Uncle Sam makes us! :-) lol

Brendan M said...

Bad neighbours make life just that little bit more difficult - thankfully our following of the Lord helps us with patience and gratitude.
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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Georgia Girls and Tonya,
Looking back I guess my parents did the right thing, but I was sure mad about it at the time. I like how you refer to my neighbor as "Mr. Grumpy Guss." Wonder why your neighbor would steal dirt from you--that's strange.

The Syders,
Wow, your neighbors must have been very unhappy people if it bothered them that you parked in your own driveway!

That would be bad to be surrounded by all bad neighbors! Maybe you should move! I'd love to hear you "Mean Old Man" song--how funny! We never got that much snow yet! That's very sad no one likes him enough to help him get out of his house.

Guess the grouches are pretty prevalent. We have all decent neighbors now!

Refurbishing an old apartment is a much better reason to move.

Glad I never had to move very often. I moved 7 times but was very little the first time we moved so don't even remember that one.

webdework said...

Bad neighbors are really a mess. No way to deal them. Hopefully i never got any such neighbor.
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Mrs4444 said...

I think every neighborhood has a few crab apples in it; it adds to the memories of childhood :)

While I love our neighborhood, I would love to get out from under our huge mortgage. Especially now that the kids are leaving the due time...

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