Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cat Nip Mission: Cat Won!

Striper, Before Dad Brought Him In
When I came across these Clips of cats opening doors over at Sparkle The Designer Cat, it reminded me of one of my dad's cats, Striper.  My dad had stocked up on some catnip and in trying to find a safe storage place for it, he put it in on the second shelf of one of the top kitchen cupboards.

Striper, of course, smelled it and since he was a fantastic climber, he had a plan.  My dad was dozing in the dining room and heard a bunch of noise coming from the kitchen. When he went to investigate, he saw the top cupboard open and Striper on the floor between the stove and the sink with a bunch of stuff from the cupboard all around him, trying to open the bag of catnip which had been on the second shelf!

It always fascinates me how smart and agile cats are.  They are beautiful animals and my dad loved his cats very much.  They were great companions for him in his old age and kept him laughing!  My love for cats came through knowing his cats.

Don't forget to click on the above link to view the cat clips--they are short and well-done!   

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Mike Golch said...

it is amazing how some cats are really smart and than there are the real dumb ones.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Striper sounds like my roommate Binga - smart and determined! On the other hand, Boodie is not so smart, which probably proves Mike's point. Ironically, it is Boodie who sneaks open the bottom cabinet doors (don't let her know I told!), which goes on to prove that even dumb cats can open doors. ;-)

Thanks for linking to my blog post!

Lin said...

Striper was one determined kitty! My two aren't so determined...or they are just spoiled and don't have to try so hard.

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