Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cameras and Kids

My dad was always taking pictures—mostly slides and movies. I remember how I used to hate getting my picture taken, especially when he had to bring out the bright flood lights to take movies indoors. We'd all groan but later enjoyed watching them! I remember my parents got a little family tree photo stand that had all six of our pictures in it and none of us kids liked it. We kept turning it backwards and my mom kept turning it back when she would notice it. Maybe that’s why I got to like taking pictures because then I was behind the camera where it was safe.

A camera can be a good gift for a child. I had a lot of fun taking pictures with mine. I took pictures of goofy things, like my dad’s bristles on the back of his head. My parents let me take pictures of anything I wanted and never said I shouldn't take something because it would be wasting the film (like I'd be tempted to say if roles were reversed). I wonder if the camera would still work.

I don’t know how old I was when I got my first camera, but it wasn’t fancy. It is an Imperial Mark XII Flash but I don't have the flash attachment anymore. It just snaps open to load the film but I don't even know if they still make the kind of film it uses. The film went in there and after each shot I had to wind the film forward. I looked it up on eBay and found one exactly like it with an asking price of $103! Ha, ha. Good luck getting that, I say! There were no bids on it. I thought of trying to sell mine on eBay except I printed my name on the bottom of it in marker so doubt if anyone would want it, not to mention the fact that I don't even know if it works. I'd be happy to get $5 bucks for it!

Taking pictures is fun! I went through a long line of different cameras including the disc, the Polaroid, the 35mm and now my digital. Cameras sure have changed a lot but I believe my love for taking pictures started because of my dad and that first positive experience I had taking those silly pictures.

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Young Wife said...

How fun that you still have your camera! I used a lot of disposable camera as a child. I think my parents were afraid I'd lose a real camera.

Ratty said...

That sounds like the best way to learn to like cameras. I always avoided them right up until I began my blog. I still only like being on only one side of a camera though.

Ms. Understood said...

Thank's for stopping by. How cool is that, your last post is about cameras too. I remember my first camera. It was purple and came with a matching binocular . . . oh wait, no, that was the first 35mm camera. I had a 110 before that (lordy be I'm telling my age, LOL). Cameras for children are great. And who knows . . . it could be a future career.

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