Thursday, December 24, 2009

What's Your Holiday Wish?

My Holiday Wish is Being with Family and Friends

The holidays are near and dear to your heart. You don't need much to make you happy this time of year.
As long as you're able to be near the people you love most, you are content. It's really that simple.
You want nothing more than a full house of people celebrating the season. It doesn't matter if it's your house or not, just as long as everyone is there.
And if someone doesn't happen to be around during the holidays, you think about him or her often. You get very sentimental this time of year.

and share your results in the comments.

This quiz is right on for me. I do get sentimental around the holidays and think about years past when I spent holidays with my parents, grandparents, aunts, family and friends.

Thinking back, when we were kids we'd each get a game and then we spent the afternoon learning to play them all. It was always a challenge to decide what to buy for my parents. We always managed to find something they could use though. After I got married, one Christmas they came to our house, but usually we would go to theirs because it was easier on them. After my mom died and my dad had all the cats, we would always buy things for them. My dad got a big kick out of watching them play with new toys or lounging in their new beds.

We went to my sister's several years which was always fun. I always liked buying for her kids. When her four kids grew up though, it got to the point where we would give them gift certificates and they'd give us gift certificates. After that, I suggested we just get together and don't bother exchanging gifts, it seemed silly. So that's what we started doing. She had the biggest house so it was logical for us to all go over there.

When we were kids, we always looked forward to going to grandma's for Christmas. I had three unmarried aunts who also lived with my dad's mother and they would always give us nice things. I remember thinking how funny they were because every year when we visited at Christmas, they would still have packages sitting there that they hadn't opened and they'd say every year, "They look so pretty, we hate to open them.!" I never understood that! Of course, the adults were at the big dining room table and us kids were off to the side at a smaller "kids" table usually, but when we got older, they included us at the big table. I liked that!

For New Year's Eve we used to get together with my mom's best friend's family. They had a daughter my age and two older boys, one of which I sort of had a crush on. He was always nice to me and even taught me how to play Chess. I always looked forward to these times because it was so much fun playing games together.

I am glad we have movies, video and photographs of past Christmases. I like watching the videos especially because I can hear my parents voices and it seems they are back at least for that little time. I encourage you to take pictures at your get-togethers.

This year we are going to visit with Gerard's sister and her adult children. I think it's very nice of her to invite us to join them for Christmas dinner. I think I'll bring a camera along, maybe even my Flip for some video.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy being with your families for the holidays! Make the most of them while you can!

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Emergency planning said...

Thanks for the post "What's Your Holiday Wish?" is really a great post,,, i think every one wants to go out for picnic with own family on Holiday....

Sara C. Walk said...

mine said being with family and friends :) which is what I love

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from SITS. It really is all about family and friends. What else is there? Great post.

metal engraving said...

What are you asking for on your Christmas/Holiday Wish List?

Baby hamper said...

Yes it’s funny. But it’s also poignant too. There was a time once when A toy for each child in the house, and a sweater for your spouse… A big meal on the table, and an orange in each sock… A real tree strung with popcorn, a trip to church in the morning and caroling in the neighborhood… And all of it with you family. That was Christmas.

metal engraving said...

very nice post! i am really impressed......

Mike Golch said...

we will be visiting with family.and that is the best wish of all.

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