Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aunt Dorothy Was Right!

After writing my last post about missing our family gatherings, look what I found when searching through my photo album for the picture to go along with my previous post: a couple notes from 1962 that I had sent to my Aunt Martha and Aunt Dorothy. I was just 9 years old at the time I wrote these, but my aunts were very pleased with them. I remember those animal stickers I had too!

Here's what I wrote to my Aunt Martha:
I enclosed a sheet of paper with a picture of a house and tree and flowers on the one side (nothing spectacular) but on the other side it said "Happy Martha's Day."

Here's what I wrote to my Aunt Dorothy:

The best part though was the typewritten note enclosed from my Aunt Dorothy! I can't figure out what I was thinking on some of those problems, but my aunt said they were all right!

She was right when she wrote: "I am going to keep this first letter I received from you and when you are grown up, you will like like to read it too."

Finding these with her letter was so sweet. I did enjoy reading them too now that I am grown up and it seemed like I had a little visit with them at the holidays after all! I thought it was cool that the envelopes were still saved too! Postage was only 4 cents back then!

Do you encourage your children to write to their aunts, uncles or other family members? Things written at the time may not seem like much, but finding them later is a sweet thing. I remember when I was cleaning out my dad's house after he died, going through the dresser drawers I found some notes my grandma Nieman wrote when she was living with us. She wrote that she liked hearing me play the piano and that I did real good tonight. I never knew she liked it when I played. I wish she had told me then!

To find out more about my book and why I wrote it, read the Foreword here.
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Karen said...

That is so awesome that you are able to enjoy those!

metal engraving said...

Very nice post! I am so impressed! Thanks to share it with us.......

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a special gift! Happy New Year! Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Scary Mommy said...

I was a big letter writer too when I was a kid. I'd love to look at them now!!

Scary Mommy said...
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Mountain Woman said...

What a treasure you discovered. I have notes like that hidden away and when I come across them, I'm always filled with happy memories. Before computers, I always wrote letters and encouraged my son to do the same.

Lynne said...

That is so sweet that they kept those letters!

Mike Foster said...

The act of writing is something that needs to be nurtured at every age, all the time. Nice post.


Mrs Mecomber said...

Wow. That is very cool. :)

I have some old letters-- some are quite old, going back to the 40s, and they were of relatives I never knew. I wish I had known my family more. Some of the saved birthday cards are from the 30s!

Rebecca @FreakyFrugalite

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