Monday, June 15, 2009

What A Great Lawn Mower--The Neuton!

Dad loved gadgets and tools and never hesitated to buy something that he thought would make his life easier. When I was clearing out his garage after he died, I found two hand push lawn mowers and one old gas mower that he had converted to start with a key instead of the pull thing. But his best lawn mower, the Neuton wasn't kept in the garage because he thought someone might break in and steal it so he kept it locked on his enclosed back porch, keeping the curtains closed so people couldn't see it.

Dad had a pretty big yard so he would cut it in parts. The front yard was very small, but the back he would do half one day and the other half another day. His grass was always pretty long too because the conditions had to be just right. The heat never bothered my dad but the medication he took said not to be out in the sun. He was very careful to read all the warnings and follow all the directions to the best of his ability so he'd wait for a dry, cloudy day.

I really don't blame him for being extra cautious because it is a wonderful mower. It's electric but has no cord to worry about. It runs on batteries that are rechargeable. It has no cord to pull, just a key to insert and then press the handle and vrroom, off it goes! My dad liked it too because it was very light weight, easy to push and did a good job of cutting the grass. It was very quiet too so he could even get up early to cut his grass without disturbing the neighbors.

Of course, Harry always looked for ways of improving things. See that little box hanging on the lawn mower? That's dad's creation. He made it special just for that so he could collect the stones and sticks as he went along. I found it very handy.

The Neuton has an attachment for trimming as well, but that part doesn't seem to work so well. Either that, or I just didn't know how to use it. An instruction manual and even a video came with it. My husband uses it now and loves it! We did have a gas mower which we got rid of after using this Neuton one for a year.

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Karen said...

What an awesome machine! Mom bought a lawnmower and it is so hard to push that she hires her yard done.


I like the little box to put rocks and stuff in,better then a pocket,gosh I wish I could have know Harry,he was a smart cookie.

Homestay Mama said...

That's the kind of lawn mower I need--complete with the little box for rocks! :-)

I swear, your and my Dad's minds worked alike!

DayPhoto said...

IT is so much fun to come here and learn about you and your famiy and DAD.


moxylyn said...

The rock box is a great idea. I need one of those mowers that start with a key.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Karen: This one is very light weight which makes it much easier to cut the grass.

Lucky Lady: I thought that box on it looked a bit silly at first, but it is really very useful! My dad was a "smart cookie" all right.

Homestay Mama and Moxylyn: You should check it out--it's really nice!

Day Photo: Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you like this blog. If you like the blog, I'm sure you'd like the book!

Ratty said...

The box on the mower is a great idea. I assumed it came with it because it looked so logical being there. After you said it I realized I had never seen one with a box like that.

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