Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guest Post by Mountain Woman at Red Pine Mountain

I met Mountain Woman through blogging and has wrote a very nice post about me and my book which is as follows in part with her permission to repost it here:

Initially, I discovered "My Funny Dad Harry" when I joined Entrecard. While scrolling through various cards, I came across one with a picture of an elderly gentleman with a large lion ("Leo") seated on his lap. The card caught my interest at once and off I went to click on the link.

I discovered this blog written by a woman to honor her father who had passed away. The blog alone stands as a testament of love to his memory and it is filled with marvelous facts about a man who lived a productive, interesting life. But as I read further, I discovered Karen has actually written and published a book about her Dad.

Karen has a full time job, is active in her church, takes care of her husband and has many and varied outside interests. She made the time to take her precious memories of her father and put them into written form. I have this book "My Funny Dad Harry" sitting next to me today and as I read its pages I am filled with admiration for Karen's achievement. But beyond that and more important is the love Karen has for her Dad and her effort to share this marvelous man with the rest of the world. Her book is touching, poignant, humorous and a truly great read.

Mountain Woman has a very interesting blog of her own about life and her home on Red Pine Mountain. Please stop by and visit her blog at Red Pine Mountain.


Rene' Morris said...

That is so nice! My copy of your book is sitting on my shelf where I put books by people that I know. So it's on display.

lis said...

Hi Karen, thanks for the constant viist via EC, and also for the comments. i am also interested to read your book about you and your dearest DAd. So long,have a great day ahead.

Mountain Woman said...

Thank you Karen for highlighting my blog.
Your book about your Dad is such an inspiration to us all. I was thrilled you allowed me to do a review.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Rene'--Thanks for displaying it!

Lis--Hope you enjoy it too. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Mountain Woman--I appreciate your very kind review and it gives me another post for this blog too!

"My Funny Dad, Harry" Book Giveaway

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