Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Brings Up Sad Memory

Back in 2007, I remember we had a huge snowstorm on valentine's day and I didn't stop in to see my dad before work that day because of all the snow.  I normally stopped by to visit him before going to work and then got the bus from his house.  That was on a Wednesday.

When I stopped in two days later on Friday, I found him dead on his bathroom floor and I still think about that terrible day every Valentine's day.  Over time, the memory has faded some but it's very hard when people die around a holiday.  It seems as though it has a way of putting a damper on the celebration.

I still miss my dad very much because we were very close.  He was such a wonderful man and I did visit him practically every day.  I suggested that he move in with us, but he said that wouldn't work. He treasured his independence and loved puttering around the house.  He also didn't want to be a burden to us.  He had a good long life and was healthy for most of it.  He lived 89 years. 

Cherish your loved ones while you still can and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mike Golch said...

I miss my dad as well. the father's day we had together was father's day 1984.I had given him a six page letter that told him every thing that I never was able to bring myself to say to him face to the time he finished reading the letter I was in the biggest bear hug of my life.our relationship strated growing that day.he kept that letter in his dresser drawer.we found it after he passed away and I put it in his pocket,when we laid him to rest.

Lin said...

Oh, Karen, that is such a sad memory to link to that day--or any day. I'm sorry that you found him, that must have been awful.

You were a good daughter going to visit him every day. WOW!

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