Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Wouldn't You Like One?

My Dad Petting My Cat, Moe
Since my dad loved cats so much, I thought it appropriate to write about "Adopt A Senior Pet Month" here.  My husband and I adopted two senior pets, our cat, Moe, in 200 when the shelter estimated his age at eight and our dog, Abby, in 2009 through at an estimated age of five.  Both turned out to be great pets. Over at the Conscious Cat, is a post listing The Top 7 Things About Older Cats.  They are all so true.

Speaking from personal experience, cats are less work than dogs simply because you do not have to walk them at least twice a day and also are cheaper because dogs eat more and their vet care is more frequent.  My dad didn't walk his dog though.  (He just put down litter in a section of the basement and then shoveled it out when the dog went down there.  It still stunk!  I don't know why he did that!  I don't recommend it.)  When we got Moe, I was looking for a cat that would basically lay around and not wreck things.  Moe was perfect.  There are so many nice cats and dogs just waiting for a loving home.  They have so much love to give and are wonderful companions!

If you like, read about Moe's adoption story and Abby's adoption story:  Disappointment Turned To Joy and My New Home by Abby.

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