Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Memory I Wish Would Disappear (Writer’s Workshop)

I went to dad’s one February Friday,
Just like any other work day.
This horrible day the door was still locked.
The lights were off and the paper was still on the porch.

Why, oh why?

I used my key to go in the upstairs door.
The downstairs lock was broke so the key wouldn’t work.
That’s why dad always opened it for me from the inside with his letter opener.
I noticed the cats were laying quietly, no greeting from them today.

Why, oh why?

Uh oh, something is wrong, did dad over sleep?
I hope he’s okay and did not die yet, he is 89.
I hurry downstairs and call out to him. . . . silence.

Why, oh why?

He’s not in the kitchen, or the dining room or the living room either.
I look some more and find him in the bathroom,
On the floor against the tub,
Naked. His legs are dark purple!

Why, oh why?

He’s not waking up, I’m scared he’s dead.
I try to find a pulse but can’t, his chest isn’t moving!
I call 9-1-1.
They tell me to get him flat on the floor to do CPR.
I can’t, he will not budge.

Why, oh why couldn’t he just die in his sleep in the chair?

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This is in response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt: Write a poem about a memory you sometimes wish would disappear.

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AubreyRose @ My Simple Everyday said...

Wow. I'm SO sorry you had to see your dad that way. I can only imagine how horrible you must have felt. He seems like an amazing man and lived a very fulfilled life.

kisatrtle said...

I can see why you would want to forget this image.

amy_jacques said...

1 memory I wish that would disappear! The memory of my father being so darn sneaky and secretive! LOL! It would seem that I myself, his daughter! is much alike! Both mental! virgo's! LOL!

Sandee said...

I too can see why you would want to erase this memory from your head. I've seen lots of dead people, but not like this. Not a close family member in this way.

Big hug Karen. :)

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