Thursday, May 13, 2010

Which Cat Did This?

I thought it might be a fun series to give you some insight into my dad's cats by doing some little "Who Am I" posts. I haven't posted much about his cats on here but they were very important to him and a huge part of his life after my mom died. So, here's some things about my favorite one of his cats:

Clawed up the carpet by the hallway door.

Loved being brushed. All I had to do was pick up the brush and he would jump up on the table and lay down for as long as I wanted to brush him.

Licked so much, he had bald spots--the Revolution fixed the problem.

When he went to the vet, his skin was so thick the vet was afraid his needle would break.

Liked clawing cardboard and laying on the air conditioner box that Harry never opened.

Liked laying on the brand new air conditioner box that Harry never opened in the middle of the upstairs dining room.

Fought with Sylvester whenever he left the bedroom room.

Afraid of strangers and would hide from them the best he could.

Never scratched people even though he clawed the scratching post to bits.

Never was neutered, did some spraying in the house.

This was Sweet Thing, the black and white cat who outlived Harry.

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Lin said...

Kitties are so silly! He sounds like a sweety though. :) Nice memories.

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